The doctor is in: the kitchen!

A delicious prescription

Hungry after work? And your family needs to eat too?

Do you cringe at the thought of meal planning?

Here you’ll find practical, DOABLE kitchen hacks, tips, and recipes that can shift your focus from fungry to FUN!

Quick bites to inspire your kitchen adventures! And your personal info will never be shared.

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Who am I

I believe that nutrition, movement, and mindset are the primary prescriptions for wellness.

I’m Dr. Danielle Manalo, a full-time board certified Family Medicine physician, overtime wife, and always-on-call mommy. When we’re not traveling the globe I love to create delicious and healthy-ish eats and treats in the kitchen.

Our lives and schedules are full. And in our family, we value sitting together for dinner. So most nights I choose to make a home cooked meal. I love sharing tips and tricks for recipes and wellness with busy families.

“You don’t have to vegan or vegetarian to eat more plants”

Danielle Manalo, MD